Owning a swimming pool at home may sound like a luxury, but cleaning it is certainly not. Thankfully, there are advanced gadgets available to help you with regular cleaning maintenance so the task feels much less like a ton of work after an enjoyable pool party with friends.

One such product is the Polaris P965iQ Sport robotic pool cleaner, and we are going to review it in detail in this post to help you with your final decision regarding whether this is the right pool cleaner for you. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into a complete and detailed review of this amazing and intelligent smart pool cleaner.

Before we get into more detail about the pool cleaner, let’s talk briefly about the brand and manufacturer that makes this product. Polaris Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of snowmobiles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles. However, their new range of robotic cleaners comes with features like Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app control for optimum cleaning. They’ve been a huge player in the market for decades, but now their products are even more advanced and impressive.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Automatic, robotic, and designed for in-ground pools
  • Includes a ‘dirty canister indicator’ feature
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • 4-wheel drive for easy climbing and cleaning of the pool walls
  • XL 5-liter debris canister
  • 70-ft. cable w/ tangle-reducing swivel

Build and Design

This is a state-of-art cleaner designed for in-ground swimming pools that are up to 60 feet in length. In terms of build and design, it looks similar to the 965iQ Sport, sharing the same sports car-like build having a sturdy white exterior with gray accents compared to its blue counterpart.

This pool cleaner has black and gray tires with thick rubber wheels to glide on the floor of your pool with ease. The cable on this unit is built from a rubbery material used in other similar models, but here it comes with an advanced swivel mechanism to minimize the risk of cable tangles occurring. Due to the cables’ flexibility, it also becomes much easier to wrap up and store when the device is not in use.


The Polaris P965iQ Sport comes with a premium caddy for easy transport, and is easily accessed via its accompanying iAquaLink phone app to tell you the remaining time for the current cleaning cycle. This app also allows for ease in starting a cleaning cycle even when on the go. The pool cleaner stays connected to your home Wi-Fi for remote access at all times.

There is a patented Lift Removal System that allows users to send the pool cleaner to a designated location in the pool for them to easily grab and lift out of the water. Additionally, as you remove the cleaner, it expels any excess water it is holding within to make it easier to remove. This feature is also easily accessed when using the same iAquaLink app available for Android and iOS devices.

The home screen for the cleaner’s primary connected app includes a ‘Start/Stop’ button, a dirty canister indicator, a cleaner status indicator, and a readout that tells you the time left in the current cleaning cycle. From within the app, you can also choose a regular or high-intensity cleaning cycle, create a weekly or daily cleaning schedule, and use your phone to control the cleaner manually. 


The P965iQ Sport delivers a stellar performance by getting all the dirt and debris out of your swimming pool with its Vortex vacuum technology. It keeps the debris suspended for long-lasting suction and gives you a powerful cleaning performance for the entire duration of its cleaning cycle.

We love the ability to control the device from anywhere in the home or even while on the go, so you don’t need to stand near the pool in order to have it be cleaned. all you need to do is simply connect the device to your home’s Wi-Fi, and the device will be ready to clean your pool at the push of a button whether you’re at home or you are on the move.

Connecting to Wi-Fi also lets you do real-time scheduling for cleaning and maintenance, and it also allows you to troubleshoot any issues straight from your smart device. The customizable cleaning modes additionally make it easier to select the best possible mode according to your pool’s shape, size, and level of dirtiness.

The ‘Dirty Canister Indicator’ also takes the guesswork out of when it’s time to empty out your pool cleaner. You do not have to open the lid every time you want to see if it is filled or not. The indicator clearly tells you when it is time to empty the canister.

Customer/User Reviews

Most users have said that setting up the P965iQ Sport for its first use was simple and easy following the instructions provided. The caddy assembly does not need any sophisticated tools, and you only need to pop in the wheels, handle, head unit cradle, and the cleaner hook, which can all be done in less than five minutes.

To sync the device with the mobile app, you will need to download the iAquaLink app, create an account, and connect your robotic cleaner from the list of devices. Once it is connected, enter your time zone, and select the correct pool shape.

When it comes to performance, most people who have tried this robotic cleaner have said that it delivers a stellar cleaning performance in any shape of pool, but especially the rectangular ones. It not only picks up acorns and other common tree debris found in pools, but it also collects fine hair, grass, and insects with ease.

You can program the P965iQ to follow your scheduled cleaning routines and also send notifications for any scheduled cleaning cycles you may have set up, too.

Final Thoughts

The Polaris P965iQ Sport robotic pool clehttp://homelization.com/polaris-p965iq-vs-dolphin-premium/aner gives you the liberty to relax and enjoy your pool while the device does all the dirty work of removing dirt and debris. By pairing it with the iAquaLink app, you can use the device to its optimum capacity even if you are not nearby.

Polaris has always been focused on rugged construction, premium engineering, and ensuring reliability, and this robotic pool cleaner is a perfect example of the qualities the company values most. The box comes with a quick start guide, instruction manual, and everything that you need to assemble the unit and get started right away.

The features like set schedules, different cleaning cycles, stopping the cleaner with no hassle, and starting the cleaner whenever and from wherever you please, this cleaner makes life as a pool owner easy. Even though the price is slightly on the heavier side, we still feel that this product offers a good return on the investment.

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