You bought a beautiful new bed sheet set a month ago and already there are holes in it! This is a recurring problem, but you can do something about it. It will take a keen eye to observe all the conditions surrounding your bed, whether on or off of it.

So, what causes holes in bed sheets? Many things can potentially cause holes in your sheets. The main culprits are usually dry, rough feet as well as pet claws and certain foot care products. But, it could be your laundry machines or the fact that you use too much bleach in your wash.

Once you exhaust all the possibilities, you’ll be able to narrow it down. But you are going to have to play detective until you pinpoint the cause. This way you’ll save money by not having to buy new sheets every month.

What is the Biggest Culprit for Holes in Bed Sheets?

One of the biggest culprits of holey and torn bed sheets is foot rubbing. This will be particularly true if you don’t keep your skin smooth and your toenails manicured. This isn’t to say that you should have a pro touch your feet weekly. But, using a clippers and pumice stone once and a while after your bathing regimen will go a long way.

Can Foot Creams ; Treatments Cause Holes in Bed Sheets?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to apply foot creams and treatments before bed, it could also contribute to the holes that keep occurring. This is because certain constituents will create a sticky texture as it absorbs into your feet which causes the skin to pull on the fabric.

Ergo, holes will soon begin to form on the surface. If you have to put these kinds of things on before bed, cover your feet with a thick pair of socks. Alternatively, you could wait until your cream or treatment fully absorbs before going to bed.

How Can Pets Create Holes in Bed Sheets?

Yet another main cause of holes in your bed sheets could be your pets. Ensure you keep your fur baby’s nails trimmed. Whether you have a dog, cat or other clawed critter, you must keep their nails trimmed if you wish to maintain hole-free bed sheets.

Also, you could put a cover on your bed so that your sheets can tolerate the activity your pet puts on it. But this is only in the case there’s no way to keep your pet away from the bed. Of course, prohibiting the cat or dog (or other animal) from going onto the bed will be the most surefire way to prevent holes.

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Will Laundry Machines Make Bed Sheets Holey?

Your laundry machines could also be causing holes in your bed sheets. This with be of particular significance if you have a washer or dryer that’s old. Your evidence for this will be how other items of clothing also have holes in them. Either get a new machine set or start hand washing and air drying your bed sheets.

How Does Bleach Damage Bed Sheets ; Create Holes?

Also, in regards to laundry, you may be using too much bleach when you wash the sheets. Bleach is a harsh and caustic chemical that has the potential to not only discolor sheets, but it can eat holes in them. Either stop using bleach or begin devising an alternate way to use it.

For instance, you could mix the bleach with water before putting it into the machine. Also, you could add it once the water fills the machine rather than pouring it directly onto the sheets. But, it may be better to ditch bleach altogether if you can and opt for an oxygen cleaner, such as OxyClean.

What Else Could Be Creating Holes in Bed Sheets?

If none of the other potential causes are what’s creating holes in your bed sheets, then deeper investigation will be necessary. Inspect the room and where the bed rests in relationship to windows. This includes leaky ceilings, damaged walls and broken floors.

Such things can mean there are pests like mice, rats, termites or other types of critters that could be munching on your bed sheets. Even vicious species of bedbugs can create holes in your sheets. If you think this is the case, make sure you have evidence of these culprits before devising a plan of action.

However, there are traps you can either buy or make to see what kind of creature you have on your hands. Once you know, then you’ll have to enlist professional help. Avoid using toxic chemicals to get rid of these things. They will rid you of pests but you increase the risk of others in the household getting sick, including pets.

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