Compared to the other typical sandwiches, Monte Cristo sandwiches are incredibly scrumptious and savory in texture. Serving them with a side dish, on the other hand, is a fantastic idea! Have you ever wondered what side dish might complement your favorite Monte Cristo sandwiches?

The saviors of your food cravings, combine your Monte Cristo sandwiches with hash browns, french fries, and fruit salads to combat hunger pangs! Many other side dishes can be served with Monte Cristo sandwiches, but these three are probably the best-known ones.

Pickled vegetables, red cabbage coleslaw, mixed berries with fruits, and tomato soup with grilled cheese are also some excellent picks that go well with Monte Cristo sandwiches.

It’s also crucial to understand why side dishes are served with Monte Cristo sandwiches. In this post, you’ll learn a lot more about these side dishes that go wonderfully with your Monte Cristo sandwich.

Why Should You Serve Monte Cristo Sandwiches with Side Dishes?  

Monte Cristo sandwiches are frequently served with side dishes. Why are a few individuals interested in presenting Monte Cristo sandwiches with side dishes? There are various possibilities!

One explanation could be to increase the meal’s filling power. Another motive is to spice it up by serving it with anything other than ham on a bread slice, bacon, or cheese.

Also, some individuals regard this as an unusual yet tantalizingly fascinating twist sandwich. Side dishes provide a variety of flavors to the sandwich, making it more intriguing. 

Unlike many starchy sides like pasta or potato dishes, a side dish often enhances the Monte Cristo sandwich rather than serve as filler.

7 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Any of the dishes listed below perfectly complement Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Each dish has its advantages, such as more carbs without sacrificing flavor or additional nutrients to help lessen some of the saltiness. Make your pick!

While Monte Cristo sandwiches are delicious on their own, adding some accompanying dishes can make them a far more substantial lunch or dinner meal.

Here are six of the most opted-for side dishes to accompany Monte Cristo sandwiches.

1.    Hash Browns

Monte Cristo sandwiches are frequently served with hash browns. 

They work well since the sandwich’s flavors don’t overshadow them, and of course, they supply extra carbohydrates to keep you full. 

The dish appears to be more filling. Hash browns can be made entirely at home, but they’re also readily accessible in most supermarkets’ frozen food areas. 

To prepare them at home, follow these steps: 

  • To begin, peel and dice the potatoes into half-inch pieces. 
  • Heat the frying oil in a vessel, keeping the heat to medium-high while combining the diced up potatoes with flour or corn starch to provide it with some adhesive force. 
  • Heat some oil and add your potatoes, frying them for several minutes till golden brown. 
  • Season with salt and pepper before serving.

2.    French Fries

French fries, just like hash browns, go perfectly with Monte Cristo sandwiches because they effortlessly accentuate the sandwich without being overwhelming. 

They also go well with other types of sandwiches, so if you want to change up your side dish now and then, you may use other kinds of fries for different sandwiches. 

Peeling and cutting potatoes into long slender wedges is the first step in making French fries. 

After that, immerse them for at least 10 minutes in cold water before frying them until golden brown.

3.    Delectable Fruit Salads

Another classic accompaniment to Monte Cristo sandwiches is a fruit salad. 

That tends to work well because you get a soothing counterpoint to the otherwise salty sandwich while keeping carbohydrates to a minimum, so you don’t feel sluggish afterwards. 

You can set up a fruit salad plate in a variety of ways. Some people enjoy a tropical fruit salad with some coconut flakes and pineapple. Some may even prefer a basic banana and orange salad. 

Regardless of the desired fruit salad, the preparation technique is the same. 

Begin by peeling and dicing any fruits used into tiny pieces. Then, stir these up with some sugar to taste, especially if the fruit is exceptionally sour.

4.    Pickled Vegetables

Because the tangy flavor helps to cut through the salinity of Monte Cristo sandwiches, pickled veggies are an ideal alternative. 

That can be especially helpful when eaten with other salty meals like French fries or baked potatoes.

Cut beets, cucumbers, or other vegetables into tiny pieces before making pickled veggies. It’s always better to drain off the extra water and combine them with vinegar, sugar, and any additional spices in a jar. 

Then, place them in the refrigerator, probably an hour before consuming them.

5.    Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Coleslaw can be made tangier by adding mayo and other seasonings, which enhances the saltiness of Monte Cristo sandwiches. 

Unlike potatoes or bread, cabbage supplies more carbs without removing flavor. 

Coleslaw is made by grating a quarter head of red cabbage, which adds a lot of flavor to the sandwich. 

Red cabbage coleslaw is made by slicing it into very thin pieces and combining it with mayonnaise and other ingredients, including mustard, salt, vinegar, and other seasonings.

6.    Mixed Berries and Fruits

Be it any time of the year, fresh fruits and berries are a popular side dish and nutritious dessert. 

This side dish is very simple to prepare because the berries only need to be washed and dried. 

Berries are nutrient-dense superfoods. They give the meal a sweet-savory flavor and a crispness complemented by the creamy toast. 

Using strawberry or blueberry jam and orange juice, you can prepare a delicious berry dip. Tomatoes or grapes also go a long way in adding some extra calories in a small amount of time. 

They add a refreshing flavor and bring a welcome sweetness to the dish—the acidity cuts through Monte Cristo’s rich taste.

7.    Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

This arrangement works perfectly because the soup’s flavor does not overshadow the sandwich, resulting in a nutritious lunch that is healthier than a basic sandwich on its own. 

To make grilled cheese along with tomato soup, grease one of the sides of two slices of bread in the same manner as you would for a typical grilled cheese sandwich. 

On a pan, place the greased side down and cover with mozzarella or other varieties of cheese.

Lay the other slice of bread on top, greased side up, and cook for a few minutes, or until crispy and golden. Next, take it off the flame and serve immediately with a warm cup of tomato soup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do hash browns and Monte Cristo Sandwiches go so well together?

Hash browns are frequently served with Monte Cristo sandwiches. They go together excellently because the sandwich flavors don’t overpower the hash browns, and they offer more carbohydrates to make the meal feel heartier.

Q2. What is the origin of the name Monte Cristo? 

The title “Monte Cristo” refers to Alexander Dumas’ French Novel ‘The Count of Monte Christo.’ As a result, the sandwich’s name alludes to its French origins.

According to food historians, the Monte Cristo sandwich is thought to be a variant of the French Croque Monsieur.

Q3. What are the ingredients in a Monte Cristo Sandwich?

A Monte Cristo sandwich is prepared using ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese slices dipped in an egg/milk mixture and fried until golden brown. It’s a delicious lunch or snack option. You may also serve it with a side of berry jam.

Q4. What are the advantages of pairing a Monte Cristo Sandwich with a fruit salad? 

Iron, potassium, and vitamin B6 are all abundant in fruit salads. These nutrients aid in developing red blood cells, which is essential for good blood circulation. Fruits also contribute to the production of hemoglobin, making them crucial in the prevention of anemia.

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