3 Best Hand Mixers for Macarons for 2023

Macarons are chewy little cakes we use to make cookie sandwiches. The batter for these desserts often requires mixing almonds, sugar, and egg whites to get a leathery texture that has a bit of crunch. Inside the cookie halves, a soft, moist filling separates the crunchy outside from the gooey inside.


To make macarons, individuals need a durable mixer. Trying to blend this concoction by hand might wear out your arms. Most consumers prefer a mixer to be durable, powerful, and affordable.

A mixing tool with variable speeds is ideal because you can switch the mixer to the setting you need. Having the ability to lower the speed before you turn off the machine will keep you from making a huge mess. If your batter ends up super thick, then the highest speeds can ensure you can integrate all the ingredients evenly.

Having other features like a turbo or quick-eject button makes operating these mixers more convenient. When the mixer bogs down because the batter is so thick, the turbo button may become your favorite part of the appliance. When you finish stirring your batter, cleaning may be better since you can push a button to release the beater bars straight into the dishwater. There is no need to touch the sticky paddles.

If you require a mixer now, then you may want to jump straight into your purchase. We recommend the HOMEJOY Hand Mixer. This product comes with three accessories, the turbo button, and five speed options. Plus, it has the highest power on our list, hooks for making bread, and a large whisk for making meringues.

Comparing the basics for our Best Hand Mixer for Macarons

Black and Decker MX600T Helix PerformanceKitchenAid KHM512ERHOMEJOY Hand Mixer
Weight3.35 pounds2 pounds2.8 pounds
SpeedsFive + turboFiveFive + turbo
Size3.8 inches x 10.9 inches x 9.8 inches8 inches x 3.5 inches x 6 inches9 inches x 7.1 inches x 4.9 inches
Watts250 W145 W250 W
ColorTeal with seven other options Empire red with 11 other options Red with a blue option

Individual mixer reviews

1. Black and Decker MX600T Helix Performance – Best Power mixer

When you are making homemade foods, having tools with useful features can make the job much faster. Macarons are not the easiest recipe to mix up because the batter gets very stiff. A powerful mixer does the tough work of combining the ingredients so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself.

Black and Decker makes durable, quality products. Their helix paddle design cuts blending time in half. Using these beaters gives you more versatility. The additional surface space on the helix design lets the mixer get more air in whipped recipes. Macaron dough is no match for the 250-watt motor in this model.

Product benefits and characteristics

  • 250 watts power
  • Five settings plus a boost button
  • Mixer includes helix beaters, a huge whisk, and bread hooks
  • Durable, nylon beaters with additional strength for dry or sticky mixtures
  • Comes with a stand that includes storage room for accessories and the power cord
  • May wash beaters in the dishwasher
  • Automatic paddle release button
  • Two resting stops make it easy to add other ingredients


  • Everything seems to gravitate towards the top of the beaters
  • Many mixtures stick to the nylon coating

Consumer impressions

Many users appreciate the storage box for keeping the cord and accessories clean and in one place. Even with the mixer sitting on the box, this appliance fits nicely under cabinets at fewer than 10 inches tall. The nylon coating over the stainless-steel beaters makes it easier to remove dough from the utensil.

One thing people notice about this mixer is the noise, especially when operating the turbo button. This machine is powerful, and works to muscle through tough ingredients that may cause other mixers to bog down or burn out.

Final say

Whether you make macarons all the time or just every so often, this mixer will provide the power you need to mix the ingredients thoroughly. This machine is compact, lightweight, and you can set it on the bowl while you do something else. This prevents you from making as much of a mess with the sticky beater bars. This product is a great option for anyone.

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2. KitchenAid KHM512ER – Best Lightweight mixer

Any chef or baker knows the KitchenAid name. Their products are high-quality items with tons of features. Their appliances take into account the versatility and functionality the cook needs to create a variety of foods, desserts, and breads. This mixer has the power to whip air into light toppings and mix a dough full of fruit pieces, candies, nuts, and coconut.

A convenient part of this mixer is the clip that will hold the cord on either side of the base. This connector keeps the cord out of the way when using the mixer. This mechanism also saves cleaning time by preventing mishaps and spills. A circular cord covering ensures wiping the cord is a breeze.

Product benefits and characteristics

  • Paddle eject button
  • Five speeds for delicate to vigorous mixing
  • May clean beaters in the dishwasher
  • Durable, stainless steel ensures equipment will handle sticky, dense recipes like macarons
  • Turbo II beater bars that will not rust


  • Standard purchase only comes with the turbo beaters and no bread hooks
  • There are no stands or bowl rests with this model

Consumer impressions

Many buyers say this mixer works well for lighter recipes, but several suggest using it because of the KitchenAid name. People like using the whisk attachment. However, this item does not come with the mixer. You must purchase this accessory separately.

One thing many people seem to appreciate is that this mixer is quieter than many models. They like that even without a bowl stand, you can still set the mixer on the back end while you are doing other things. The auto-eject feature is especially helpful for people who use this appliance to make cookie dough.

Final say

We have to agree that KitchenAid products are robust and help with a variety of doughs and recipes. The ability to lock the cord to one side or the other keeps us from knocking things off the counter while we work. This mixer works for macaron recipes, but it may not be the greatest for meringues and whipping air into stuff.

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3. HOMEJOY Hand Mixer – Best Overall Mixer

If you enjoy baking or cooking, then you know having reliable tools and accessories makes the job much easier. The HOMEJOY mixer is a robust item with a 250-watt motor that will mix the toughest foods. You can combine ingredients like molasses, coconut, nuts, berries, chocolate chips, and brown sugar to make your favorite recipes. Trying new dishes is easy when you know you have a product that will mash, whip, blend, and aerate.

We like that this mixer comes with the balloon whisk. This item makes it quick to fluff up a whipped topping for your next cake. Making meringues is much easier when you know you have a mixer that will operate at the necessary speed for the job. We like that you can knead bread with the dough hooks that come with the mixer.

Product benefits and characteristics

  • Boost button to give you additional power for thick recipes
  • One touch accessory removal
  • All removable parts are safe to clean in the dishwasher
  • Compact size makes storing in a cabinet or drawer easy
  • Five-foot cord
  • Stainless steel beater bars, dough hooks, and balloon whisk


  • Utensils may wear down or corrode after several months or heavy use

Consumer impressions

Some buyers say the motor emits a funny smell when you overpower the mixer. They say you can turn off the machine, and the smell will go away unless you push it too far again. Users like the compact size of this machine because it is easier to handle and operate. Plus, the smaller size makes it a cinch to stow away when you are not cooking.

Many individuals find the noise level of this mixer more tolerable than most. The affordable price of this model is appealing to most buyers. Several buyers like the portability of the VonShef mixer because it is light and small enough to fit in a tote bag or small box.

Final say

We recommend this mixer as our Editor’s Choice product. Our favorite thing is that this mixer comes with five utensils. We can make macarons and fresh bread with the same appliance. Plus, the shiny chrome accents look great in our kitchen.

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Common questions

Are these cords self-rewinding?

No. You must wrap these cords up when the mixer is not in use.

Can you eject the beater bars?

Yes. All three products feature quick-disconnect buttons. This feature keeps your hands clear of the mess until you have time to deal with it.

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