Oak, maple, and trees add a visual appeal to any garden or backyard, but they shed a lot of leaves in the Fall. Do you dread the Autumn season due to the amount of hard work it brings along? All you need is a walk-behind leaf blower on wheels to maintain your beautiful landscape.

Most of these units are versatile, so after the Fall season is over, the blower can still be used to remove sand, dirt, and light snow from the walkways, decks, and porches. While there are several types of leaf blowers in the market, those who seek easy maneuverability should look for the one on wheels.

Besides their convenience, comfort, and portability, the wheeled blower cuts back the time needed to clean a large yard by half. On the downside, they are too noisy, expensive and bulk, making it hard to store them in compact spaces, but the convenience clearly outsmarts the shortcomings.

There are a few more things that you need to consider before buying the best leaf blower on wheels, but we will discuss them later. For now, we have our unbiased reviews of the top-rated leaf blowers in the market to help you take the stress out of decision making.

We know that it’s natural for anyone to get confused with a plethora of different brands and models to choose from. So, our team has spent hours reviewing, analysing and comparing the products with each other to help you choose better.

If you don’t have the time to read this till the end, we suggest that you opt for the SuperHandy Leaf Blower (learn more) that comes equipped with a 7Hp 212cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. It has an immense capacity of 200 MPH and 2000 CFM.

Products Troy-Bilt TB672Southland SWB163150E Merry Mac Leaf BlowerSuperHandy Leaf Blower Billy Goat F1302SPH Billy Goat F902H
Weight 78 pounds 95 pounds 135 pounds 130 pounds 165 pounds 165 pounds
Engine OHV engine OHV Engine INTEK OHV engine OHV Gas Engine Honda GX Engine Honda engine
Capacity 208cc 163cc 250cc 212cc 393 cc262 cc
Air volume 150 mph 150 MPH 185 MPH 200 MPH 200 MPH NA
Air flow 1000 CFM 1200 CFM 1,850 CFM 2000 CFM NA NA
Chute direction 90 degree chute 15-degree adjustable chute NA NA NA NA

#1. Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

When it comes to landscaping tools and devices, Troy-Bilt has earned its reputation through the years and you can see its excellence in TB672 208cc. Powered by a 208cc overhead valve (OHV) engine, this wheeled leaf blower emits a 150 mph airstream to quickly remove leaves and debris from your yard, patio, or driveway.

The wheeled blower moves easily on semi-pneumatic ball-bearing wheels and the rubberized handle gives a better grip to the user. It comes with a 14-inch high output impeller and 90-degree front discharge chute that helps in delivering an outstanding performance.

The 1000 CFM airflow capacity offers adequate air ventilation for the machine to run effectively in all weather conditions. We are impressed to find that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Product features and specifications

  • Measured 30.5 x 25.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Weighs 78 pounds
  • 208cc OHV engine
  • 3-quart fuel capacity
  • 150 mph airstream
  • 14-inch high output impeller
  • 90-Degree front discharge chute
  • 1000 CFM airflow volume capacity
  • rubberized comfort grip handle
  • 2-year limited manufacturer warranty

Customer/ User reviews

People are impressed with this leaf blower because they find it easy to start, simple to maneuver around a large yard and lightweight too. Users like the engine power that blows away leaves, even the wet ones and pine needles across the yard to keep it clean.

Several users have reported that the wheeled leaf blower helped them complete an hour’s task in less than 15 minutes. Works great for people with back problems. A few customers have said that they wished the blower had more velocity.


If you dread the Fall season and cleaning your yard takes an hour or two, consider switching to Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc to experience a marked difference. You will not only fall in love with the Fall but also save time cleaning the yard. Overall, a great product.

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#2. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower

If a large yard full of leaves gives you a headache then you need a powerful wheeled leaf blower like the Southland SWB163150E. This walk-behind leaf blower on wheels comes pre-assembled and despite being a powerful machine, it is extremely easy to operate.

Powered by a 163cc OHV engine, the Southland SWB163150E adds more power to its performance. The blower produces four times more air volume than any standard backpack blower. With a well-balanced fan and optimized airflow adjustment attachments, it offers better ventilation with less vibration.  

As the SWB163150E comes equipped with a front swivel wheel and two 12 inch rear wheels, it is easier to move the blower on a large yard. It is capable of removing a lot of dry leaves at once, and the 15-degree adjustable chute offers a more directional blowing.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 27.2 x 21.8 x 20.2 inches
  • Weighs 95 pounds
  • 163-CC Engine
  • 150 MPH airspeed
  • Manual Recoil Easy Start
  • 1200 CFM Air Volume
  • Steel Fan
  • Tapered Crankshaft
  • 15-Degree Adjustable Chute

Customer/ User reviews

People who have switched to using this blower after using other models have said that they have noticed a marked difference in the amount of time required to do the cleaning. Users are impressed that the unit fires up in the first pull and delivers an amazing performance.

Customers are happy with the airflow which is powerful to clean a large area at once. A few users have warned that the wheels are narrow and there is only one fan speed. Another common complaint is that the air intake on the front often gets clogged with leaves, making it difficult to operate properly.


The Southland SWB163150E is a well built wheeled leaf blower that looks great out of the box and delivers a good performance. There might be a few glitches that can be tweaked as per your convenience to get the best results out of your investment.

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#3. Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

Are you irked to see a heap of dry leaves plaguing your lawn? Check out the Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf Blower whose powerful 185 MPH force promises to help you reclaim your yard or lawn space. Powered by a 250cc Briggs & Stratton INTEK OHV engine, this gas-powered blower helps you clean a large area in comparatively less time.

Designed as a walk-behind leaf blower, this Merry Mac unit comes with a well- balanced and high-speed impeller to add more power and efficiency to the performance. It also sports a lightweight design that allows you to work for hours without getting tired.

We love the 9 inches pneumatic front-locking swivel wheel and 12 inches pneumatic rear wheels for easy maneuverability around the lawn. The front wheel has two easy height adjustments for user comfort, and the adjustable handle with an anti-vibe grip further reduces fatigue.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 135 pounds
  • Axle gussets for stability
  • Adjustable loop handle
  • Cushioned anti-vibe grip
  • Air Velocity of 185 MPH
  • Air Volume 1850 CFM
  • Gas-powered leaf blower
  • Briggs & Stratton INTEK OHV engine

User/ Customer reviews

Users are immensely pleased with this 10hp engine that displaces more than just leaves (twigs, debris) with its powerful blow of 2000 cubic feet of air every minute. People also find this little equipment a great time saver as it not only removes leaves from lawns but makes mowing much easier.

Those who have used leaf blowers by other brands in the past are of the opinion that this model has turned out to be a life-changing experience for them. They have not only started to love the leaf blowing job but this device saves them a lot of leisure time. 


This is an amazing blower for a large and leafy lawn, making the job seem less of a headache. It makes the job so much fun that you will be looking for reasons to fire up this little beast. Overall, it definitely offers great value for money.

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#4. SuperHandy Leaf Blower Ultra Duty Wheeled

Why carry a blower on your back or hands when you can easily roll it on wheels with this SuperHandy walk-behind manual propelled device. The unit houses a powerful 7 horsepower, 212cc, 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas engine that delivers an outstanding power to weight ratio.

With a maximum power output of 4.1 kW, air velocity of 150-200 MPH/ 1270-2000 CFM, and a high rotation speed of 3600 RPMs, this industrial leaf blower gives you full charge of your yard. It enables you to control the settings and complete the job is less than half the time needed with standard equipment.

Made from heavy-duty and rust-resistant steel, the blower boasts a durable and efficient design. It lasts for long to help you get rid of leaves, debris, and twigs too. The adjustable angle and wheels let you maneuver smoothly in the plain as well as the rugged landscape. 

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 26.6 x 22.5 x 22.3 inches
  • Weighs 130 pounds
  • Max capacity 0.7 gallons
  • 3600 RPMs Speed
  • 10” Rear Wheels
  • 8” 360° Swivel Front Wheel
  • 90° Adjustable Flow Angle
  • 150-200 MPH/ 1270-2000 CFM
  • 7 HP 212cc gas-powered engine
  • EPA Certified/CARB Compliant

User/ Customer reviews

People have mentioned that they received the product in great condition and the assembly was pretty easy (takes usually less than 20 minutes). Most users have said that the engine usually starts on the first pull and delivers an exceptional and powerful performance.

A few users have said that they wished there were two front wheels for better control on the slightly hilly surfaces. People are impressed with the customer support that is both responsive and helpful when you face any issues or need a replacement part.


This is a powerful and heavy-duty gas-propelled walk behind leaf blower that is great for lawn owners, gardeners, and landscape keepers. It brings you a perfect blend of both quality and convenience. At this price, you will be hard-pressed to find a leaf blower so powerful and efficient.

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#5. Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower

When you want to cut down on your garden work, this Billy Goat F1302SPH can come handy. It is 30% lighter and seven times more powerful than any backpack model. Equipped with an automatic mechanical decompression system and a 13 HP 393 cc Honda motor, the leaf blower starts easily.

This self-propelled leaf blower comes with a 17-inch fan that produces an air volume of up to 200 mph to remove dry leaves, debris, and small twigs. The 5″ discharge opening with a simple fingertip control enables you to direct the air force exactly where you want to clean.

The large rear wheels are designed to minimize resistance on the grass and allow you to propel with ease on plain surfaces. With efficient design and advanced technology, this leaf blower is a perfect choice for lawns, gardens, driveways, and so on.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 58 x 28.5 x 45 inches
  • Weighs 165 pounds
  • 17-Inch 16 blade fan
  • 6.2 times air volume of backpack blowers
  • 393 cc commercial engine
  • Self-propelled machines
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Advanced fan technology
  • Sturdy and round housing

User/ Customer reviews

People find extraordinarily sturdy and well-built leaf blower perfect for cleaning dry leaves along with debris, twigs, and light snow. Users also impressed with the lightweight of the unit despite its robust built and powerful engine.

Most customers find it easy to start the leaf blower and move it around all types of terrains without much resistance. Despite having immense power and high air volume, the low noise operation is highly appreciated by users.


The Billy Goat F1302SPH is one of the most powerful and sturdy leaf blowers that have fast become a favorite with residential and commercial landscapers. Much more convenient and efficient than backpack and handheld blowers, this is a long lasting product you can rely on.

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#6. Billy Goat F902H Force Blower with 262 cc Honda GX Engine

If you hate walking behind the heavy and noisy walk behind leaf blowers that make you and your neighbors sad then check out the Billy Goat F902H. This unit is considerably lighter than other blowers in the market and the rounded blower housing removes air voids for less noisy operation.

Equipped with a 9 HP/262cc engine, the leaf blower increases productivity with nearly 3.8 times the air volume of other backpack blowers. The 200 mph air speed helps in accomplishing garden cleaning jobs in half the time by removing heavy debris, piles of leaves, and small twigs.

The Billy Goat F902H comes with an improved forward chute that is easy to snap on and use along the fences, houses, and property lines. We love the Aim N Shoot feature that enables users to lower or raise the discharge chute as needed. Ergonomic padded handles let you work for hours without straining your hands.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 58 x 29.2 x 45 inches
  • Weighs 165 pounds
  • 17-Inch 16 blade fan
  • 3.8 times more air volume
  • 262 cc Honda engine
  • Fuel-powered

User/ Customer reviews

Most users are thrilled with the ease of use and immense power in their hands that complete an hour-long task in half the time. People are also impressed with the ergonomic design that takes the pressure off the hand when you maneuver the leaf blower around a large lawn or garden.

Customers not only like the ease use, powerful engine, and thoughtful features, but the low noise production also won the hearts of many.


When you want to add elegance to your garden work, with a power that can put other backpack blowers to shame, Billy Goat F902H is a great choice. With the advanced features, this robust equipment enables you to clear up a large lawn faster than you thought was possible.

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Buying Guide For Walk Behind Leaf Blowers On Wheels

When you are in the market looking for a wheeled leaf blower, you will come across four different types, categorized as per their build, features, power, and performance. These four types are  Entry-level leaf blowers, Mid-grade leaf blowers, Semi-pro leaf blowers, and Commercial leaf blowers.

Entry-Level blowers are for those who are looking for a non-commercial use. These units come with basic features and lack the performance of commercial-grade models. However, they are comparatively powerful than the handheld blowers.

Mid-grade leaf blowers are for those seeking slightly more power than the entry-level walk-behind models. They come with a few extra features such as larger robust wheels, powerful engine, and a more durable housing

Semi-Pro leaf blowers are meant for those who need a close-to-commercial unit with advanced features and higher performance. They work best for property owners with large lawns and gardens filled with trees that result in a thick blanket of leaves in the Fall.

Commercial leaf blowers are clearly of the highest grade and they are meant for professionals in the landscaping business. They come with advanced features like a remote control to change the direction of chute. These units are highly durable to face wear and tear, plus they can be used continuously for hours.

Key Things To Look For In A Walk Behind Blower

The leaf blowers we have mentioned above are some of the best you can find in the industry. However, let’s not forget that individual needs and choices may differ widely. What is great for a person may not be the same for another individual, hence it’s important to understand the technicalities that make them different.

Directional Blowers

The older blower models were one-directional which meant that you could only blow dry leaves on one side, which works for most users. However, these units were not much use for someone wanting to removes debris along a wall. This is where blowers with directional controls come handy.

Some of the advanced models come with hand-control features that may enable you to change the blowing direction similar to a snow blower.

Improved wheels

Well, all the wheeled walk-behind models come with wheels but if you look at them closely, you will realize that they are not all the same. When you want the best quality maneuverability in a large lawn or rough terrain, look for a model with large rear wheels.

You should also pay attention to the front swivel wheel which helps in steering the unit. While the traditional models come with straight-set wheels at the front, making turning a pain, the newer advanced models are equipped with swivel wheels.

Propulsion System

In the walk behind models, you will typically find two different types of housings, two styles and ways of propelling the blower. These include the self- propelled leaf blowers and push leaf blowers. The self-propelled do not require much manual effort to move the unit forward.

While the push leaf blowers may require more strength on your part, they also help in saving energy and cost. So, your choice will entirely depending on your budget and level of convenience preferred.

Housing Encasing

The material used for house encasing the movable parts play an important role in the smooth and continuous airflow. Typically, the housing encasing is either made of metal or composite polymer plastic. While the composite housing makes the unit lighter, the metal housing adds durability and resistance to rust.

Safety Tips When Working With Leaf Blowers

  • We suggest that you avoid running blowers early in the day when the grass and leaves are still dewy and late in the day when the light is low.
  • Remember to wear hearing protection because even the less noisy units will make constant sound, which may not be good for your health.
  • Don’t forget to wear eye protection such as goggles and a dust mask for your lungs (more important if you are asthmatic or have respiratory problems).
  • Make sure the kids and pets stay away from the area you are working because the rocks and debris can fly and hit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove wet leaves with a walk-behind leaf blower?

Yes, most of the walk-behind units come with a robust engine and enhanced air volume (several times more than the backpack models). As a result, they pose a big threat to wet leaves, debris, light snow, and twigs too.

What are MPH/CFM?

MPH stands for miles per hour, while CFM is the short form for cubic feet per minute. When the range of MPH/CFM is higher, the leaf blower will have more power. The CFM is determined by measuring the mouth of the leaf blower unit. If you have a large lawn or yard with lots of trees, you may want to consider a higher MPH/CFM.

Are leaf blowers on wheels expensive?

These models come with an extra level of convenience that you cannot find with other models. Where there is convenience and comfort, the price is obviously high. However, not all models are very expensive and you may narrow down your choices based on the features you need and don’t need.

How long can a leaf blower last?

If you take good care of the unit with regular maintenance and cleaning, you may expect the lawn equipment to last up to nearly 1,000 hours of use before it needs repair work. For a house with a small to medium-sized lawn, that is close to ten years.

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