When it comes to the cleaning portion of your day, you’ll probably end up happy that you have concrete floors. Inside your house, you don’t need to worry about vacuuming as you would with carpet or about anything getting stuck in your grouting like you would with tile. Outside of your home, however, is where the cleaning gets trickier.

Your concrete driveways, pathways, and patios are more likely to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. A cheap, standard household broom may not stand up to the job. Fortunately, we’ve created this review of the six best brooms you can purchase to sweep down your concrete surface the right way.

1. Evriholder FURemover Broom

A broom advertised for pet hair removal may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a concrete cleaner. However, this broom (learn more) is a multi-purpose tool that takes on everything from hardwood floors to carpet to, of course, concrete.

For a concrete surface, the rubber bristles will work to catch dirt, debris, and other fine particles to give you extra assistance even when all you want to do is sweep off the driveway a bit. The 12-inch broom head gives you a wide berth of sweeping room, and the product also comes equipped with a telescoping hand that extends and retracts for users of all heights to feel comfortable with. Not to mention, the broom has a squeegee edge for cleaning up liquid messes, which is ideal for your smoother concrete surfaces like a patio.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Made with 100% natural rubber.
  • Handle extends within a 36″ to 60″ range.
  • 12″ broom head.
  • Comes with a squeegee edge on one side.
  • Broom head detaches for simple storage.

User/Customer Impressions

Consumers are pleased with how easy it is to handle and assemble the broom. While most of the reviews are concerning the removal of pet hair, customers can testify that the brush picks up dust, dirt, and even cobwebs, quite well. Buyers say that the broom works well in corners, gets right where you want it, and makes your hard surfaces feel a lot smoother to walk on.


Overall, this broom is easy to use, comfortable to handle, and is extremely easy to clean – all you need is to rinse the bristles down with soap and water. For a broom that hits all the spots and clears off your surface right, this product by Evriholder is worth the buy.

2. Libman 547 Floor Scrub

This product by Libman is manufactured right in the USA and made to work with hard surfaces. The steel handle screws tightly into a scrubber with stiff bristles that work hard to scrub away dirt and even get into the cracks of your concrete, should you have any. You can use the scrubber for both wet or dry surfaces, and the built-in scraper allows you to tackle anything that might be sticking to your surface, like dried leaves or other dirty spots.

Product Features and Specifications

  • 52″ steel handle that screws into broom head.
  • 10.5″ x 3.5″ scrubbing surface.
  • 1.3″ long bristle fibers.
  • Built-in scraper for tough spots.

User/Customer Impressions

Buyers are especially happy about the stiffness of the bristles on this broom, saying that they’re soft enough not to make ugly scratches but hard enough to get the job done. The durability of the brush is appealing, the bristles do their job well, and you can use this broom multiple times without having to worry about immediate deterioration.


This broom was made specifically to handle rough floors, so you can consider your concrete surfaces taken care of. If you want the perfect outdoor sweeper for your driveways, decks, and even your garage, you’ll want to get your hands on this Libman scrubber.

3. Libman 823 Heavy-Duty Push Broom

For a sturdy product that you can count on to take care of concrete surfaces, Libman offers this broom guarantees a stable and effective performance. The 24-inch sweeping surface is attached to the handle by resin brackets to keep the handle on even when scrubbing the roughest surfaces. The 3-inch flagged fibers are durable enough to tackle rough surfaces multiple times and are made from recycled water bottles, making the broom environmentally friendly to boot.

Product Features and Specifications

  • 24″ sweeping surface.
  • 3″ flagged broom fibers.
  • 62″ in height.
  • Sturdy resin brackets attach the handle to the broom head.
  • Hanger tip makes for easy storage.

User/Customer Impressions

Users generally agree that the broom is terrific overall, sturdy, and well-made. The stiffness of the bristles and light weight allow the sweeper to be handled securely and do its job well. Customers say the product still looks brand new after multiple uses and are exceptionally happy with the brackets that keep the broom head in place.


The Libman 823 is an efficient broom that you can use for your concrete surfaces or otherwise. You’ll feel secure in using it and enjoy how long its quality lasts. On top of all of the broom’s other attributes, you’d be supporting an environmentally conscious company that makes this product from recycled materials.

4. Super Sweep 36-Inch Gray Flagged Broom

This broom by Super Sweep Inc. is an excellent wide sweeper for sweeping jobs where you want to collect as much debris as possible in one go. The broom head is 36 inches in length and welded to the broom handle to ensure you’ll never have problems with it coming loose or detaching. It’s a heavy-duty product made from aluminum that resists rust and comes with flagged bristles to take on dust and dirt that might be more difficult to catch with any other broom.

This broom will absolutely work for your concrete surfaces, but it is best for smoother surfaces. In other words, while this broom may not be anything sensational for rougher surfaces like your driveway or walkway, you’ll be able to sweep up your concrete patio or garage floor with ease.

Product Features and Specifications

  • 60.5″ in height.
  • 36″ broom head.
  • Aluminum handle and plating.
  • The default color is gray, but it comes in five other colors as well.
  • Made with textured synthetic flagged bristles.

User/Customer Impressions

Consumers enjoy the sturdiness of the broom, the width of it, and the inclusion of a plastic grip on the aluminum handle. They attest to the heavy-duty quality of the brush and share that the bristles don’t absorb moisture too much, so taking on wet surfaces is entirely possible.


Despite being made more for smoother surfaces than rougher ones, this broom is a positive investment for anyone in the market for something sturdy to use to sweep up their concrete. The welding assures you that this broom will last a long time, and buying from a USA-based company means you’ll be supporting your local economy — a smart buy to be sure.

5. FlexSweep Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom

This broom from FlexSweep is rather astounding. The ‘unbreakable’ part the title refers to is its high-quality elastomer connector, which attaches the handle to the broom head in the most secure fashion possible. That security is essential because this broom works with you to pull up dirt, gravel, and debris, and you don’t want your broom head popping off during that.

The bristles are coarse enough to get the job done, and you can disconnect the block attached to the bristles to allow you to replace the bristle type if needed. The broom also comes equipped with no-scratch scraper edge and a soft-cushioned leather hand grip for comfortable wielding.

Product Features and Specifications

  • 24″ long broom head.
  • 60″ in height.
  • Coarse styrene bristles.
  • High-tech elastomer connector.
  • Leatherette hand grips on the end of handle and mid-section.
  • Aero-aluminum broom handle.
  • Replaceable broom block.

User/Customer Impressions

Customers seem to agree with the excellency of this product. Buyers confirm fantastic sweeping performance, high durability, and a pleasant grip thanks to the leather cushioning.


The FlexSweep Unbreakable broom is the broom the delivers. From its soft grip and sturdy bristles to its replaceable block and secure connector, this broom handles your concrete surfaces like a charm. We recommend it highly.

6. SWOPT Premium Multi-Surface Angle Broom Head

Now, this product comes from a unique line of interchangeable parts. While the broom head we’re recommending is a smaller, angled broom head with medium-stiff bristles to take on indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs, it isn’t the only broom head available. The handle snaps and locks in place to any of the attachable heads that SWOFT sells, meaning you can change between functions easily or replace your broom head when it gets worn without ever having to touch the dirty bristles.

Product Features and Specifications

  • The attachable handles are generally 48″ tall.
  • Handle snaps and locks into any head of your choosing and detaches with the press of a button.
  • Medium-stiff bristles work for both indoors and outdoors.

User/Customer Impressions

Buyers love the interchangeable heads and the heavy-duty make of the handles. They say it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break while you’re using it and does a great job sweeping up. Most customers who purchased this broom head end up motivated to try out the other options as well.


To allow yourself some variety, this is the brand that you want to shop with. This specific broom head will take on your concrete surfaces like the floors and patios just fine, but there’s no reason not to try out all the other available products. Try it out; you’ll see why we recommend it!

Related Questions

What’s the Best Way to Sweep A Concrete Surface?

Generally, the best way to sweep isn’t actually in long and continuous strokes, but in short and smooth motions. You’ll want to start in the corners of the surface and sweep towards you rather than away. You’ll want to push dirt and debris off the surface often – off your patio, into the grass beside your walkway, etc. This way, you’ll avoid collecting so much dirt in one place that you fail to sweep it all away at the end.

How Can I Give My Concrete Surface A Deeper Cleaning?

Aside from a daily sweeping to keep the dirt and debris off your driveways and patios, washing down your concrete surfaces will help you a good deal. A proper rinse with your outdoor hose on a sunny day will help you get rid of the extra dust that maybe you couldn’t sweep up. If you want to be especially proactive, pressure washing your concrete surfaces from time to time will give it that brand-new look again.

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