There are a few things that you wouldn’t want to experience, and eating food that smells like plastic must be one of them. Some have described the smell as burning rubber and burning chemicals and these are legitimate ways to describe it.

So, why does your new oven smell like burning plastic? When you use it for the first time, the idea is that the chemicals will burn off immediately though it does not always happen that way. The thing is that this does not only apply to ovens but to other kitchen appliances that heat up. There could be several factors why the oven has that funny smell.

  • You have cleaned the oven using strong chemicals
  • A loose connection will cause the wiring to burn up. Check the heating elements and secure them one by one.
  • Your gadget cannot handle high temperatures or is coated in oil during manufacturing.
  • If your oven is electric, you should shut it off, and it should be checked up.

This article will look at the subject deeply and offer you more insight on how you can get rid of the smell and other related questions.

What Causes A New Oven To Smell Like Burning Plastic?

The most frequent and primary cause is the insulation that surrounds the oven cavity. It will emit the odor the first few times you heat it up. To fix the problem, you should “burn in” your oven. Another explanation is that odors, smells, and smoke are a normal occurrence, more so if you have just installed the gadget.

However, the smell is not unique to new ovens only as it can happen to an old oven to. You may think that it has happened all of a sudden but there is an explanation to it. If all of a sudden your oven starts smelling like burning plastic this could be the cause.

How Long Does It Take For A New Oven Smell To Go Away?

The smell should go away after using the oven at least three times. If you want to get the smell off quickly you should clean the oven using a damp cloth and soap before using it. You should also heat the oven to over 300 degrees Celsius and you are certain to get rid of the odor faster.

What To Do When Your Electric Oven Smells Like Gas?

If your oven smells like gas when you are preheating, you need to turn off the heat source immediately and have it checked by a professional for faulty wiring or production issues. Do not assume the smell of gas.

Cleaning Tips before Using a New Oven

  • Ensure you remove all packaging and zip ties; double-check to ensure you have not missed any.
  • Use warm water and soap to wipe down the oven racks
  • “Burn in” your oven using the following steps:
    1. Turn on the ventilation fan and open all windows that are nearby to ensure the room is well ventilated.
    2. Set the heat of the oven between 200-260 degrees Celsius.
    3. Let the oven heat for between thirty minutes and one hour.
  • If you notice the smell has not gone away, repeat the above steps.
  • Once you are done with the” burn in” process, and the oven is cool, use warm water to wipe the interior and racks.

Do You Need To Do A Burn-Off With A New Oven?

If you have acquired a new oven, you might be wondering if it is appropriate to do a burn-off. It is a good idea because new appliances harbor residues from the manufacturers. Most of the times, the initial burn-off will result in nasty fumes and smells.

It is also advisable that you clean the oven before the initial burn-off as this will remove residues and reduce the fumes. Depending on the gadget you have bought you may use the self cleaning option. Check the user manual for recommendations.

Remember to remove the racks unless they are self-cleaning racks. In addition to opening windows you should use activated charcoal that will absorb all the airborne toxins while you are doing a burn-off.

How Do You Rid The Plastic Smell Out Of The Electric Oven?

When using an electric oven you can use the cold method by placing an ice bag on top of the plastic and giving it time until the ice melts. Once the plastic gets hard, it will be easy to remove as much plastic as possible. Before you use the oven, make sure that you remove all plastic parts and zip-ties that you use during transit.

Once you remove all of them, wipe the inside of your oven using warm water, soap, and wash cloth. After doing this burn-in the oven, turn on the ventilation and open all windows. Heat up the oven between 200-300 degrees Celsius. Let it run for one hour and repeat the process until the smell fades away.

Should You Cook In A New Oven Immediately?

Most companies recommend heating your oven to over 300 degrees for between 30 minutes to one hour. Do this at least twice before cooking with the oven to ensure the residue on the oven’s inside is burnt off. Once that is done and you get rid of the smell you can use the oven to cook food.

Is The Plastic Smell Dangerous?

You have realized that your new oven has an odd smell when you turn it on for the first time. As alarming as it is, it is completely normal as long as it is not gas. Inhaling plastic fumes can be dangerous but you need to know that the smell your oven is emitting may not be burning plastic.

The manual of your new gadget may mention the possibility of some strange smell. With a new oven it is normal and there is no reason to worry about it. Actually, you may experience the smell the first few times you use it.

Nonetheless, where the smell comes from burning plastic it will be dangerous inhaling the fumes. The toxins released could be harmful to your health and also irritate the lungs. It is recommended that you get rid of the fumes and start focusing on the smell.

Fumes have toxins and should be the first to be removed. Open all the windows, turn on the fan and ensure that there is enough air circulation in the room.

How Long Should The Smell Last?

Usually, the smell starts to fade away once the oven is “burned in” and most of the time it will disappear almost entirely. However, there are times that it may take several attempts before the smell is completely wiped out.

That said, if the smell is persistent and it does not go away even after using the oven for long, there may be something wrong with your gadget. You should contact a technician immediately. If your oven comes with self-cleaning functions you need to run a cycle. Most of these cycles run on high temperatures and all leftover residue and chemicals from the manufacturing process will be burned off. In turn, the plastic smell will diminish.

Related Questions

Can melted plastic kill you?

Do not burn or melt plastic. Actually, you should reduce the amount of plastic you use or get rid of it altogether. Plastic has many toxic substances including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, furans, particulates, and hydrochloric acid.

 Is the smell from self cleaning ovens toxic?

Both steam cleaning and high heat ovens can emit unpleasant fumes and odor, and sometimes harmful products like carbon monoxide from the vent of the oven. The fumes emanate from enamel lining and food particles that coats the ovens interior.

Is the smell of burnt food harmful?

Burning organic material produces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). They are not harmful and are produced when food is burned sufficiently. However, toast broadcasts the smell best as it is dry food without fat and does not trap the smoke particles.

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