Can You Clean a Mattress with a Carpet Cleaner

Can You Clean a Mattress with a Carpet Cleaner

While else you may consider your mattress a personal item, it can be home to critters, mites, and even bugs. For starters, when sleeping, you release sweat, body fluids, dead skin, and sometimes urine into your mattress. If you do not clean it regularly, you leave all this stuff to Read More

magic eraser

How Many Times Can You Use a Magic Eraser

A magic eraser is built to start breaking down as soon as it is used. Just like a pencil eraser, it gets smaller every time you use it. As such, these cleaning tools do not have a long shelf life. However, their longevity does not reflect their effectiveness; if anything, Read More

How Soon Can You Put Furniture on New Carpet

How Soon Can You Put Furniture On New Carpet

Whether you are installing a carpet in a new home or you have decided to revamp your home flooring, you will have to move your furniture first. This allows experts to install the carpet continuously and professionally. Now, after the installation of the carpet, you will need to move back Read More

7 Best Desk Lamp With Wireless Charging 2020

Multi-functional technologies are amazing items that enhance our lives and help us keep up with our busy lifestyles. From convertible furniture to accessories with lots of uses, there are tons of items that will do several things for you. Many people do not think of a desk lamp as a Read More