Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Which One Is The Best

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix 7500

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If your mind is set on Vitamix for your next high quality blender then you are on the right track conforming to the needs of healthy living. However, you may find yourself irked by having to choose between the two great options – Vitamix e320 and Vitamix 7500.

Investing in a high-end blender requires you to shell out a good amount of money. So, you would not want to make the wrong choice and regret later. Interestingly both these powerful appliances have some really strong differences and similarities that make your choice tougher.

We understand that you may be too busy to look into the nitty-gritty of the product specifications to pull out the real picture. Hence, we have made your job easier by putting together an unbiased review of both blenders, along with a comparison of both.

If you don’t have the time to read this till the end and you wish get a clear answer to which one is the best then I would say the Vitamix e320 (learn more). Read on to find the primary reasons that make Vitamix e320 a better choice than Vitamix 7500, before looking deeper into the differences and similarities.

Vitamix e320 vs Vitamix 7500: Preliminary Differences

  • The first thing that catches attention is the exterior body and in Vitamix 7500, it is made of plastic. Vitamix e320 on the other hand is made of Tritan, which is better and safer than plastic.
  • We want kitchen appliances to be as lightweight and portable as possible. The Vitamix 7500 weighs 13 lbs, but the Vitamix e320 weighs only 10.5 lbs.
  • The Vitamix e320 motor is more powerful with 2.2 hp and 1464 watts. The Vitamix 7500 is slightly less powerful with 2.2 hp and 1440 watts.
  • Although Vitamix e320 has all the features you can find in Vitamix 7500, the former is significantly less expensive. Thus, you can save a lot of money.
  • Also, the Vitamix e320 is the newer model released after Vitamix 7500, and you know that the latest models are always better with more upgraded features and latest technology.
Product Vitamix e320Vitamix 7500
Measurement 11 x 8 x 18 inches 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 in
Weight 10.5 lbs 13 lbs
Power 2.2 hp 2.2 hp
Speed 1464 1440
Series Explorian series G-Series
Colors Black and red Black, white and red
Noise Noisy Less Noisy
Blade Aircraft-grade stainless steel Aircraft-grade stainless steel
Container 64-oz low profile 64-oz low profile
Self cleaning Yes Yes
Tamper Yes Yes

Difference between Vitamix e320 and 7500: In-depth Analysis

Motor power

We have already mentioned above that both the blenders come with a 2.2 hp motor. However, Vitamix 7500 has only 1440 watts power whereas the Vitamix e320 belonging to the Explorian series sports 1464 watts motor, slightly faster than the former.

The blade in Vitamix 7500 moves so fast that it creates a vortex to blend all types of ingredients instantly to save time. When it comes to the motor base, both the blenders house a cooling fan along with the thermal protection feature that helps in maintaining the inner temperature.

Noise level

On the noise front, the Vitamix 7500 turns out to be the winner as the motor belongs to the next-generation models that make 40% less noisy blenders. If you or someone in the family has hearing issues or doesn’t like loud noise then this is a better choice.

As the Vitamix e320 belongs to the Explorian series, this blender makes usually noise as you can expect in any regular bender. So, if noise is not an issue then we consider the e320 more useful than the 7500.

Programs and settings

The one thing we like a lot about the Vitamix models is that they are not complicated at all. The Vitamix e320, for example, comes with two programs and setting controls to add versatility to the unit. This enables the blender to carry out any function and the 10 speeds are controlled by the speed dial.

The Vitamix 7500 comes with a speed knob and ten different speeds to select from. It also includes a pulse on toggle features that comes handy when you need to chop the ingredients. The one downside of the unit is that it does not have any pre-programmed settings so you need to set up everything on your own.


The blender’s weight is another important factor to consider before buying one. A bulky and heavy blender may be too difficult to move from one place to another. So, if you are looking for portability then the Vitamix e320 is a better deal with just 10.5 lbs.

At 13 lbs, the Vitamix 7500 is slightly on the heavier side, making it harder to move. So, someone living in a rented house or those who move often may consider getting the Vitamix e320.


Well, this difference may not mean a lot to some users, but those who are concerned about their kitchen interior and aesthetics may want to know. Vitamix e320 is available in two standard colors – red, and black.

The Vitamix 7500 units come in three exciting shades black, white, and red, so you have more options to match your kitchen décor (if that’s important for you). Remember that the price will vary depending on the color you choose.


There’s a considerable difference in terms of maximum speed offered by the Vitamix blenders. The e320 model sports a speed a 23000 RPM, and the Vitamix 7500 features 37,000 RPM. So, if you are looking for an extremely fast working blender, you may choose the 7500, otherwise, the 23000 does a decent job.


Here’s another difference that might want you to choose Vitamix 7500 instead. If you love free goodies then the 7500 comes with two extras – a DVD and a getting started guide. When you choose a Vitamix e320, you will need to get these separately.

Both the blenders come with a few set of similar accessories such as a 64-oz low-profile container, a 2.2 hp motor base, a cookbook to try new recipes, and a low-profile tamper.


Although most features are common between Vitamix e320 and Vitamix 7500, the latter is more expensive due to a few extras. For example, the 7500 comes equipped with a next-gen series motor that makes less noise and also includes three color options to pick from.

So, we feel that Vitamix e320 is more cost-effective with almost the same high-end features at a comparatively lower price.

Similarities Between Vitamix e320 and 7500

As mentioned above, both the Vitamix blenders also have strong similarities that are worth considering. Let’s take a look at them below.


The blender blades are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, hence they are extremely sturdy and powerful. They are capable of pulverizing tough ingredients such as ice and frozen fruits and vegetables to give you perfect smoothie in no time.

The blades cut so fast and create so much friction that the frozen ingredients melt and become hot. Besides being sturdy, the blades are also highly durable and extremely sharp so be careful when handling or cleaning them.

Variable speed and pulse function

Both the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix e320 come with a 10-variable speed control setting to help users get the perfect texture every time. When blending different ingredients together, you can control the speed as needed.

As the pulse function is also very powerful, you can prepare food much quicker and save time. This feature is meant to use when you are in a hurry.


This is one of the strongest reasons behind the popularity of Vitamix blenders. They come with self-cleaning properties that take the hassle out of cleaning the appliance after use. You just need to add a drop of the dishwasher and warm water, run the blender for 45 seconds.

After you have cleaned the blender, let it dry completely before you start using it. If you are in a hurry, dry the motor base with a dry cloth. Make sure you clean regularly to keep it in good condition.


The Vitamix blenders are one of the most indispensable kitchen appliances due to their versatile features. From making desserts and smoothies to soups and batters, you can do so much with your blender.

With a high-end blender, you can consistently beautiful and smooth food every time. They may also help you with chopping and grinding of fruits and vegetables. With a blender, you can try a lot of recipes such as dough, puree, baby food, dips, ice-cream and more.

Jar/ Container

Both these high-end blenders come with a 64-oz capacity low-profile container. Made from BPA-free plastic, it is safe for your health. You can use this container to make large batches of smoothies or soups whenever you want. It not only fits easily in the kitchen cabinet but is also dishwasher safe.


As these Vitamix blenders are so sturdy and well-built, you can use them for several years without any issues. Both the units come with 7-years of the full warranty, which is higher than other products in the market.

Our Review of Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender Red

The Vitamix E320 belongs to the brand’s Explorian series, which is known for bringing power and convenience to your kitchen. The unit comes equipped with a powerful 2.2 Peak HP motor that can make healthy and whole foods at home.

The 64-ounce BPA-Free Tritan container is perfect for blending medium to large of smoothies and soups. From appetizers and desserts to salsas and soups, the ten variable speed and pulse feature help you try out different types of recipes with success.

The sharp and high-quality stainless steel blades are designed to pulverize the hardest ingredients to give you the perfect blends for years. Maintaining the blender is also easy as the Vitamix machine can easily self-clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds time.

Product features and specifications

  • 2.2 Peak HP Motor
  • 64 oz Low Profile
  • BPA-Free Tritan Container
  • 10 Variable Speeds
  • Pulse Feature
  • 7 Year Warranty

User/ Customer reviews

People love the fact that this blender has such a low profile stature that it can easily fit compactly in a small kitchen without demanding a lot of real estate. Users have said that despite being small in size, it has a lot of power to break down the hardest of ingredients like nuts and frozen food.

The E320 tends to make a lot of noise while running and some people may not like that. A few users have also complained that the Vitamix models lack a safety feature that can be found in other competitor brands like Ninja.


If you are looking for a high-quality blender with blade so sharp that it blends anything that comes in its way then the Vitamix E320 is a great choice. If the noise is not a disturbance for you then we would recommend that you get the E320 which has all the features you can find in the 7500, but comes at a much affordable price.

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Our Review Of Vitamix 7500 Blender

If you are the kind who hates to use different appliances for different foods then here’s one blender capable of doing a lot more than you can imagine. From making baby food and frozen desserts to grinding nuts and coffee beans, the Vitamix 7500 blender covers them all.

Powered by a high-performing engine and aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, the blender gives you the power to make large batches of meals in minutes. With 10 variable speed, you get the most refined texture and culinary precision to make the heartiest soups and smoothest purées.

The low-profile 64 ounces container accommodates a lot of ingredients together yet can be stored easily in most kitchen cabinets. Just like the E320, Vitamix7500 also has a self-cleaning functionality that gives you a clean blender in no time.

Product features and specifications

  • Made of Plastic
  • 64 oz. Low-Profile Container
  • 10 Variable speed controls
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades
  • Electrical Ratings- 120 V
  • Radial cooling fan
  • Thermal protection system

User/ Customer reviews

Users are absolutely thrilled with the power of Vitamix 7500 that pulverizes almost anything that is thrown at it to give you no spec of solid. Customers have also said that this investment has helped them include more fruits and veggies in their diet.

People who hate loud and noisy blenders are impressed with this unit’s low noise operation. A few users have mentioned that because this is such a powerful blender, it shakes and moves around the countertop, requiring you to hold it down.


This blender is more expensive than Vitamix E320 and various other blenders in the market, but when you look at the features and its noiseless operation, you can see why. Despite its high price, it delivers what it promises.

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Top-rated Functions Of Both Vitamix E320 and Vitamix 7500

We hope that by now, you have almost made up your mind of which is better of the two – Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix 7500. Let’s take a look at some of the functions that both these models are capable of performing.

Pulverizes ice

Whether you want to blend frozen veggies or fruits, this blender can do it with ease. Within seconds, you can have ice cubes crushed in a snow-like texture to add to smoothies, shakes, and desserts of your choice.

Prepare smoothies

Best Blender For Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Both the Vitamix blenders are perfect at making smoothies using the freshest fruits and veggies. The super sharp blade and high-speed motor cuts through the toughest of ingredients like nuts, seeds, roots, stems, and frozen hard fruits to give you the smoothest drinks.

Hot soup cycles

This is another popular function of these Vitamix blenders. As the blender jar is made from durable plastic, it is capable of withstanding high heat emitting from the hot mixtures. You can prepare soups as well as hot beverages in the blenders within seconds. They have a hot soup cycle that can be used to heat up liquids within seconds.

Purees food

When you wish to add that perfect tang to your dishes with homemade tomato puree or make baby foods, the Vitamix blender serves as a great addition to your kitchen. The device is so easy to operate and its incredible speed can puree anything you throw its way, even nuts, and other solids.

Chops fruits and veggies

Another versatile use of the Vitamix blender is that it can also be used as a chopper. The unit includes a pulse feature and several other speed cycles that can be used to chop the different types of fruits and veggies to prepare foods like hummus and salsa.

Grinds and blends nuts

Whether you wish to grind roasted cocoa beans or blend the nuts using the powerful motor, this Vitamix blender is capable of doing them all with ease. There are different speed cycles to suit the different types of ingredients and the results are always perfect. You may also use the blender to grind the whole Indian spices and seeds effortlessly.  

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Who Is The Winner

Vitamix E320

After taking a closer look at the different aspects that differ and are similar, we come to the conclusion that both are great devices in their own regard. Both come with more or less same features and similar types of performance, hence it is extremely difficult to differentiate between the two.

 Size is one of the most prominent differences, but it does not matter much to the users. The handle design is also different, but again it has nothing to do with the performance. You may choose the size and design that better fits with your kitchen, but that does not make one superior of the other.

If there’s at all a notable difference between the two then it’s the motor speed, wherein the 7500 takes the cake away with significantly more RPMs. Besides that, another major difference lies in the price. Vitamix e320 is comparatively much cheaper when compared to Vitamix 7500, although both come with almost the same features.

So, our final verdict is definitely Vitamix e320 (shop now) as this is a better and more advanced version of the Vitamix 7500. With the only difference in speed, both deliver the same performance so why would you spend the additional $100.

Tips And Tricks To Add More Life To Your Vitamix Blenders

As an owner of Vitamix Blender, you will be glad that you invested in a high-quality machine. They cannot last forever, but with good care, they can stay with you well past the warranty period. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you add more years to your Vitamix blenders.

Remember to use your Vitamix regularly

Finally, you spent a good amount of money for a Vitamix blender so don’t let it rot inside the kitchen cabinet. Use it regularly to get more used to it, build good eating habits, and learn from your errors. The more you use it, the less likely you will burn the motor.

If at all your product needs repair work, remember that the manufacturer backs it up with 7 years warranty.  The customer support is also very responsive and helpful.

Run a cleaning-cycle regularly

The frequency of cleaning should depend upon how frequently you use the blender. If you are someone who uses it every morning for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner then you should run the cleaning cycle at least once a day. It’s easy to leave the container in the skin but leaves me, it’s easier to clean too.

Try to get into the habit of cleaning the container after each use to reduce the chances of leaks, plus this is also a better food practice. Besides the cleaning-cycle, you may also consider soaking the container in a vinegar solution to clean build-ups and stubborn marks.

Use the tamper when needed

One of the things that make Vitamix blenders so unique and different from other brands is that they allow you to use tamper on them. You may not use this feature if your blending needs are limited to juices and smoothies. However, nut butter and ice creams certainly need a tamper.

When you use a tamper to carefully guide the ingredient into the blade, it makes the process more efficient. Using a tamper with your blender might feel like you are being harsh with the motor. However, this is not the case. If you don’t use the tamper, the motor overworks itself and this may reduce its life span.

Being careful about the protein powder

If you like adding protein powder to your smoothies, do it at last and run for a few more seconds. This ensures that the powder gets mixed evenly without getting caked onto the blades. This also helps in preventing container damages and leaks.

The same rule also applied to the seeds. Remember to add them at last or while the container is still running. This will prevent the seeds from getting stuck on the blades.

Never keep the container inside the fridge or freezer

We have probably done this at some time or the other in our lives. However, did you know that you can reduce the lifespan of blades by doing so. No matter how tempting it seems, never store half-filled container containing juice or smoothies inside your refrigerator.

The extreme temperature inside the fridge or freezer can affect the bearings in the blade assembly. We suggest that you use a reusable container or Mason jar to store the leftovers.

Getting the layers right

When your new blender arrives, one of the first things that you need to check is the Getting Started Guide or user manual. Besides the basic information about the model, it will also contain instructions on how to layer the ingredients correctly for the best results.

For example, if you are making a mixed smoothie, the liquids come first, then soft fruits followed by hard fruits, leafy greens, frozen items, nuts, and seeds. When layered correctly, the motor works more efficiently without the blade grabbing something and harder ingredients getting pulled in by gravity.

Avoid using the top speed

Some people have a misconception that they can save blender’s efforts by not running it on top speed. However, this is not true because your machine id designed in a way to run most effectively on variable speed 10. By not running the unit on the topmost speed, you are not utilizing the motor to the fullest.

We suggest that you start with the lowest setting but soon crank up to the highest setting. Do not let the noise or vibrations scare you. When the blender is at the topmost speed, the thermal protection system activates fully, resulting in the machine staying cool.

Quantity matters a lot

If you are trying a Vitamix-specific recipe, don’t try to cut down the ingredients by half. Remember that the container needs the minimum quantity of content to function at its best. If not, fewer ingredients will only splutter around without getting blended.

Similarly, make sure you do not overfill ingredients in a Vitamix container, particularly when blending hot soups and other hot items. As it releases heat, this may cause the lid to blow off from the top. To stay safe, hold a towel over the lid when blending hot ingredients.

Related Questions

What are the three most common issues in a Vitamix blender?

If you use various types of hard ingredients in the blender, you may experience what is known as a leaky container. A blown motor is the second most common issue that you can expect to see after 10 to 15 years of use. The third common suspect may be a broken or worn off drive socket.

Why is my container stained or cloudy?

If you feel that your container looks stained or cloudy then trust me, there’s nothing to worry about. It happens naturally when you use leafy greens in your smoothie every day and it eventually creates a thin film. To clean this add one cup of white vinegar and warm water, leave it overnight and scrub clean the next morning.

Should I get another container for wet and dry applications?

Blending coarser and harder ingredients such as granulated sugar and nuts may create tiny scratches inside the wall of the container. This creates a cloudy effect but does not impact the performance of the machine in any way.

If this troubles you, we would suggest that you get an additional container to blend the wet and dry ingredients separately.